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I have known Cynthia for 17 years. We worked together as counselors at an agency in downtown Chicago. I was inspired by her integrity, loyalty to the organization, as well as to her clients. I also observed her to be an excellent therapist, very sensitive to her clients needs, and largely successful in helping them accomplish their goals. Later, years later, I sought her for supervision!

~ Donna Huntington, LCSW

Dr. Grguric and I have worked together for the past five years -- first as students and most recently as International Psychologists. She is one of the most empathetic people I know, especially when she is working with people who have experienced traumatic events. She understand people because she is a well seasoned international psychology professional. As such, her passion for people runs deep regardless of where she is working -- Dubai, Italy, the Congo, etc. I am honored to be her colleague and friend, and I strongly recommend her psychological services to anyone who needs them. 

~ Dr. LeAnn G. DeHoff, DeHoff International, LLC

Cynthia Grguric is a compassionate and caring clinician. She is especially dedicated to working with people with histories of trauma. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help them stabilize and work towards fulfilling their human potential. Her dedication is remarkable as is her ability to provide nurturing support and therapeutic guidance. 

~ M.A.,MD Psychiatrist

My adult daughter suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder from multiple sexual assaults. Unfortunately, she also started to abuse alcohol to deal with the pain. After many, many years of ineffective and sometimes damaging counseling and searching, my daughter found Cynthia. Cynthia's expertise with PTS, her compassion, her own faith, her insight have all given my daughter her sense of self again. A healthy sense, one free from depression, shame and hopelessness. 

My daughter worked very hard with Cynthia. She is a survivor and is back to living her life filled with passion for people, travel and work. I can't thank Cynthia enough for being a part of bringing her back to her family.  Also, prayer works!

~ A grateful parent and family

In the year that I have worked with Cynthia, she has given me a plethora of skills, resources, tools and techniques that have enabled me to thrive emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. She has a very warm, caring, and thoughtful personality, and I feel very comfortable opening up to her and sharing the depths of my heart with her. She has exceptional interpersonal, communication, analytical, critical thinking, research and problem solving skills, and I recommend her without a doubt to address any past or current issues plaguing the mind, body, or spirit. She is definitely the best counselor I have worked with and she has helped me transform my life and find meaning, hope, peace, joy and contentment again. I am still a work in progress, but I feel SO much better having her with me on this journey towards healing.

~ Client

I've been to many therapists before and none of them I felt a connection with. I was in a really low point in life when I found Cynthia and she has been my guiding light. She's made my life manageable and most of all, happy. It was hard to get out of bed before we started speaking and after 4 years the skills she taught me have made me a better person, friend, wife and daughter. I truly don't know what i'd do without her. I recommended my two best friends to her when they were going through hard times and it makes me want to cry thinking about how much she had helped them. I guess from an outsiders point of view watching her do what she does best is nothing shy of magic. She's always there when I need her, no matter how last minute and what time of day. Every person should have a Cynthia. She's a very special person and i'm so lucky to know her

~ Client

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