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National Identity [...]

By Cynthia Grguric | 6/23/2015

"[...] and Intercultural Conflict". This article attempts to address the critical aspect of not just the individual identity but explore the perceptual implications of one’s national identity within and without in intercultural conflicts such as in Syria.  

Collective Shame and Rape [...]

By Cynthia Grguric | 7/17/2015

"[...] as a Weapon of War in Walungu Region of the Democratic Republic of Congo". War rape is a historical silent reality since antiquity; however, modern media exposure to the brutal war rapes occurring in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have only recently gained its attention.  

Bride's Henna
Make Your Marriage Last


"Till death do us part." You'd be hard pressed to find a bride or groom on their wedding day who didn't intend to stick to this vow. But ask anyone filing for divorce and they will assure you that sticking together until death simply isn't an option anymore.

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Making Home In A Strange Land

By Cynthia Grguric | 7/13/2015

They say "home is where the heart" is. Your heart may physically be here but your real "soul" is back home. The first year of arriving in a new place can provoke many challenges. Like old lovers, one usually compares everything with how things were done or what was normal at home.

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Goodbyes Are Not Forever

By Cynthia Grguric |  7/6/2015

When the time comes to say goodbye and move on, a mixture of emotions emerge. Sadness, relief, stress, fear, can all set in. No doubt it is a stressful time, so be kind and patient with yourself as you try to cope. Goodbyes however, never dismiss the impact and significance of the memories and relationships made.

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A new study says we spend an average of 44 minutes a week mulling over regrets. That’s time we should be spending doing something productive, like having fun. Our experts reveal how to stop dwelling on the past and start living in the moment.

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