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#MeToo and Mental Health in the Global Workplace 

Women in Communications, New York, 2018


Panelist for India TV segment on Gender Conflict

New York, 2017


Psychological Issues Facing Refugees

CSW61, New York, 2017


“War Rape: Unveiling the Complexities of Motivation & Reparation to Create Lines of Peace and Empowerment”

Terrorism, Political Violence and Extremism Publication, 2017

International Employee Wellness Program Presentation 

APA Conference, Denver, 2016

Presented, Global Research on Social & Behavioral Sciences

Istanbul, Turkey, 2015

APA International Psychology, National vs Individual Identity

Summer Newsletter, 2016

Collective Shame and Rape as a Weapon of War in Walungu Region, DRC

Published Proquest, 2015

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